The Annapurna, Himalayas Of Nepal

I trekked part of the Annapurna circuit in November 2016. The shorter stretch is also known as the Jomson trek. It has an amazing vast desert landscape and gradually snowcapped mountains were sighted. My exhaustion were over powered by the captivating landscapes throughout the journey. At some point, I would be grasping for oxygen as we trekked to higher elevation of 3,000 metres and above. That gave me an excuse to take a break and take out my camera to photograph the surrounding.

We took the jeep to as far as it can take us. Then we went on foot from thereon. Just as we were near to the last point, we had a flat tyre. Two jeeps were carrying our supply of food, tent and our own personal stuff. We had three porters and two guides that came with us on this expedition.

Our journey took us through several villages along the trek. Some villages were deserted. Once in awhile, we see children popping out from between those windows peeping at us. Some bold ones would run to us asking for sweets. I came across a huge storage building made of clay.  I walked into the dark cold building that smelt of mud and dung. The villagers were storing animal dungs for use as heat in the winter.

I continued my journey and had to trek on ice at some point, but it was not that cold because we were on the move all the time. Our plan was to reach our overnight base before sun down and before the strong wind sets in. Walking against the sand wind is not a very good experience.

We stayed overnight at simple basic rest house. Some do not have heater. A good night sleep is always essential to get that energy going again on the next day. The best time to trek the Himalayas is between October to February. The sky is clear, the mountains are visible but the temperature is cold.

This is part of the Great Himalayan Trail.






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