Punggol Beach, Singapore

Punggol beach along the straits of Johor (Selat Tebrau) is that part of Singapore that many may not have explored. Huge black boulders cover part of the beach. The stone coloration is most probably caused by pollution. Yet, there are many parasitic marine organisms living on it.

The beach and jetty are spots for anglers. Some serious anglers are seen setting up a few fishing rods and even stay overnight to see the results of their catch. I like to visit with my camera every once in awhile to have a feel of the sea. It is in the vicinity of my neighbourhood.

Across the strait is Pasir Gudang, which is Malaysia’s industrial zone for oil and gas. Stretch of tankers, cranes and factories can be seen from Punggol beach. Malaysia and Singapore are just a stone throw away. Marine coast guards from both countries are seen surveilling the boundaries.

This beach is also one of the massacre sites by the Japanese kempetai during World War Two. Some people have fed me with many paranormal activities of the area. Sometimes it does give me goosebumps when the sun goes down, but it will never deter me from going there again and again for photography. Punggol beach and that stretch along the Punggol park connector is one of my self graded perfect spots for landscape and sunset photography. I conduct photography workshops and walkabouts in Singapore. Check out my other website.

Camera: Nikon D7100 with 18 mm – 200mm f/3.5 – 5.6. This is my first time using a D7100. From the RAW images, I noticed the camera created a whole lot of noise. However I did not do much to reduce the noise at post production. Surprisingly, most images came out sharp without much noise. However, the lens tend to distort some of my images which has to be corrected at Lightroom during post processing.



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